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by Sylvia Heike

Flash Fiction
'Iam born without sight. My first sensations of the world consist only of what I sense with my remaining four'


Divine Curse
by A Maguire

Endless winds, perfumed with carrion and sulphur, whispered through pocked cavern walls. The heart of this realm beat arrhythmically, pulsing dark carnelian light and a staggering, dissonant tempo against the construct he wore.

A Foggy Night
by Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Stepping out of the club into the street, Clara was cloaked by a thick mist. She suppressed a shudder. Fog. Of course this night would just keep getting better.


Into the Mystic
by emma poe

I knew he was Allie’s favorite singer, so I bought the tickets.
No consulting anyone before, I just typed in numbers from my piece of plastic, and fifteen hundred dollars later, bam — we were in business.

One Hour
by Gerald Reid

John focused hard. He’d done one jump before, but it was always across the room to grab something. Or maybe across the street if he was sure no one was looking. He’d never jumped across the country, or the world. He didn’t even know if he could do it.


Ink Black Eye
by Alexandro Chen

Sumire showed up for work with a black eye. I spotted it when I went to her desk to deliver a memory card containing the models she had to embellish. In other words, to digitally remove wrinkles, pimples, and other natural enemies of beauty.

It was Supposed to Snow
by Pat Link

Ray Munson stood motionless in the rain. The last grey haze of twilight was fading. He shivered.
He looked down at the Ohio River, one hundred and twenty-five feet below. Chunks of ice flowed in the dirty water.


by Alexandro Chen

Kazumi had stayed in this KFC for five straight days. Her stomach was stuffed with fried chicken, her scalp sleek with cooking oil, her white “Nugs Not Drugs” T-shirt smeared with unwashable ketchup stains. This pitiful state made her hungry for her apartment in Shinjuku.