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Thief of Summers
by J.L. Littlejohn

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The Fall and the Net 
by JP Fosterson


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Write What You Know
by A Maguire

One of the most misunderstood pieces of advice about writing. Ever.
“Write what you know”


The Art-Form of Language
by Ray Harvey

Literature is the art-form of language, and words are its tools.


Writing: just say no!
by Julia Kantic

I mean yes, you can give it up any time you like …


Poetry Talks
by DiAmaya Dawn

When I told a friend that I was about to write an article on poetry, she said, ‘who would have thought, even in the recent past, that one day one would have a chance to talk about poetry and even be heard?’


The Path of Most Resistance
by J. Brandon Lowry

Amazon would have me in a second.

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Frozen Adornments
Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder

January, 2020

This magical collection of stories and poetry by talented writers explores the nature of one of our most divisive holidays, and the hardest of seasons. Be charmed and thrilled with the possibilities of Christmas Eve, the warmth and love of family on Christmas Day, the rich traditions of preparation for the holidays and the cold consequences of the winter's night, but above all, enjoy the imaginations of some of our favourite writers this Yuletide eve, with a cozy fire, a warm eggnog and some wonderful prose and poetry.

An Anthology of Short Stories

January 2019

Life is full of decisions we make, taking us along one road or down another.

There are moments in life, unexpected or tragic or magical, where unpredicted happiness can turn us from a planned path, where events we hoped for are abandoned on the way, and dreams are left forgotten by the roadside. And sometimes, the choices we make bring pain or joy in ways utterly unforeseen, for ourselves and for those we love.

Twenty-five extraordinary writers write about the pivotal decisions that influenced a life or lives, as well as the consequences of those decisions, and give us a short story collection to be remembered.

Lunar Eclipse

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Author Interviews


Interview with David Neilson

August 13, 2020

Author of The Prussian DispatchLay Brothers and most recently, Serene, a historical mystery series set in the 18th century of Mozart’s Europe, on writing, historical fiction and self-publishing.


Interview with Pat Link

September 2, 2018

Meet our fantastic editor Pat Link, author of Yamashita’s Gold


Interview with Scott Stavrou

June 10, 2018

Meet Scott Stavrou, author of Losing Venice

Book Reviews

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Serene by David Neilson 
A Lit Up review by A Maguire

I have to confess straight up. I am a huge fan of David Neilson and his seventeenth century heroine, Sophie Rathenau. What can I say? I’m a sucker for intelligent, courage-to-the-verge-of-recklessness, striking-and-memorable-rather-than-fashionably-beautiful women in literature and Neilson broke the mould with Sophie from his first book, The Prussian Dispatch.